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Corrugated Packaging
Woh Cheong Carton (M) Sdn. Bhd. have the necessary capability and flexibility to supply all kind of corrugated products included Carton Box, Layer Pad, Nesting, Die cut Box and others corrugated relaed products.

To convert a Corrugated Board to Carton Box, it need to be Slit, Slot, Print, Stitch or Glue and tying. For prestige cutting age or special design box need to be Die cut.

Other than the above process, some product need additional manual process. For example, Nesting need to be assembled, Some Die Cut Pad need to be fold before its can be delivered.

Our Carton Design range
Design Description
RSC Regular Slotted Container
CSSC Center Special Slotted Container
TDB Telescopic Design Box
HSC Half Slotted Container
FOL Full Overlap Slotted Container
D/C Die Cut Tray and Box
Layer Pad Divider
Nesting Partition
Wraparound Inline packing method
Pallet Paper Pallet

Our corrugated fluting range.
Fluting Thickness
EF 1.5 MM

All the products are under strict quality control.

Paper Pallet / Corrugated Paper Pallet

The paper pallets are made of vertical paper board, they are used in transportation like wooden pallet. Paper pallets are ideal replacements  for wooden pallets where weight, safety, recyclable or import and export restrictions are a concern.

--> Light (+/- 25% of Wooden Pallet)
--> Strong (Come with 1 tonne and 3 tonnes)
--> Safe, clean and easy to handle
--> 100% Recyclable / Eco-Friendly
--> 2 ways or 4 ways entry design
--> Can be printed and costomize to matched your requirement
--> Top deck covered by flat corrugated paper
--> Consistancy in term of Size and supply
--> Water resistance base

Offset Packaging
Offset boxes are made up from Box Board Sheet or Box Board Sheet Laminate with Corrugated single facer. To convert a offset sheet to be a Offset Boxes, it need to be Print, Laminate, Die Cut, Glue or Stitch. Some box design even no need to glue or stitch, it can be self folded to be a box.

Usually Grey Chip board did not print. It is suitable to make small box and padding.
Range Of Products
4 Colour Offset Boxes
Box finishing with UV
Box finishing with G/M Lamination
Box finishing with Overprint Vanish
EF & BF Lamination
D/C GCB (Grey chip board)
D/C Box Board

Packing Products
Stretch Film
Range of packing products
Stretch Films

  • 500mm x 2" - 2.4kg
  • 500mm x 2" - 2.2kg
  • 500mm x 2" - 2.0kg
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